Spotlight on Vintage

I think this was a great topic to showcase us and our towns.   Maybe the older we get the more likely we are to appreciate vintage, classic;  the items that still exist from our parents and grandparents time, our childhoods.  And from my time things remembered but not found:  saddle shoes, puddle skirts, and vinyl records.  Singles and Elvis.  The descriptor ‘Vintage’ is used most often with wines, in fact if you look up the definition, the dictionary talks only of wines.  So we (as in we people) use the word like in fine wines to describe matured / past era / fine representation of a period and OLD, but older than us, of course. 

This week’s spotlight photos;

From Monica at Dawn Treader – A spinning wheel

CIMG3629-002[14] - Dawn Treader

All eras – boys and baseball the love never changes

from Kara & ‘the way the cornbread crumbles’

   DSC_7799 the way the cookie crumbles

Next week, June 7 – Warmth:

spotlights by Peggy

Have a great week.


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