The Odd Rule Spotlights

The Odd Rule worked for me when I applied it, and after seeing the rest of the team's examples of the rule in action I am more convinced than ever. 

It works with boys in America:

That's the Way the Cornbread Crumbles

With girls in Singapore:


And with boys and girls in Sweden:

Dawn Treader

The participants this week sure proved that it works in photography as well as gardening and interior decorating. 

A surprise was that the rule also applies to jewellery, I hadn't thought of that.   Can't produce three ears but ear decorations in clusters of three works beautifully. (Just realized that jewellery is another word that has different spelling in the US.)

Ruth at Dian's Timpanalley

Hope everyone has a good week looking through the fence.


  1. Miss Peggy, great choices. good topic. looking through the fence should bring some fun stories. (the grass is always greener)

  2. I must not have had my first coffee before writing my first comment. Sorry Pauline.


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