My Spotlight Choices

The FMTSO topic was Choices.  I make my Spotlight choices pretty much the same way Ginger does. I choose one image, sometimes two, that "speak" to me from each contributor, upload them to a Draft folder and then on Monday revisit each blog to see if I see things the same.  Sometimes, after visiting all the blogs I come to appreciate an aspect of the topic that I hadn't thought about at the start and I might add one or two shots to the folder.  

I then look through the folder and decide on the photos from which I will make my final choice.   This week I had six but, after further thought, finally have two.  I think they are both lovely photos, sharp and clear, nice composition.  And in both instances I'd have great difficulty making a choice. 

I look forward to seeing Jama's presentation every week.  I think Singapore couldn't have a better ambassador, her images really sell her town.  Initially I was drawn to the material shop but, after another quick visit this morning, I've decided on the gift store because when I look at those lovely goods I really can't choose just one I would like to buy.

It often happens that the hardest part is making a choice between one shooter's photos. Just as I had difficulty choosing one of Jama's shots, I also had a tough job choosing between Kerry's peppers (ah, those vibrant colours!) and the kittens.   I think it was the angle of the heads on the three kittens on the left that finally got to me, they seemed to be saying, "Pick me."

My method is far from objective - I ended up with Spotlight photos that hadn't been my first choice the first time I saw them.  I really liked the flowers and food shots but didn't feel that any one outshone the others. 

Next week we'll be surrounded.  By what?


  1. Thanks Pauline for highlighting my photo. Photo was taken with just my see most shops here do not allow photography , so this is kinda shot and run shot! kekekekeke
    Singapore is too hot so most of us would escape to the many malls we have here to enjoy the aircon and what else, shop! it's been known that shopping is Singaporean favorite things to do beside eating out!

  2. Awww, kittens. You can't beat the cuteness.

  3. Great choices. And yes always hard and never objective. In the end we volunteer for spotlight photos because we like to publish our I am okay with the next schedule.

  4. Ahhhh, thank you Pauline. The kittens and mama were all adopted. I just wish I knew who chose them.

  5. We have so many ways to learn from this experience on FSO. I learn from looking and reading the other spot lighters narratives. Good routine you have there. Great choices.


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