Spotlight photos for Friday, June 28th 2013

Spotlight photos for theme

The sharpness, pun intended, makes this photo a great example of contrasting light and dark.

Pauline's knives.

Jama's pears, as someone commented, appear as a still life painting.
Very creative

Ann's grater is contrast in it's simplicity but
an added element that caught my eye was the white
seen through the grater from the other surface.

 Looks like little notes.
(To me)

Ruth's waterfall from the inside is 
striking and eye catching at first glance.

Cheryl Ann's photo is eyecatching in the fact that the shade is truly dark and the added color does not take over the shape of the wagon.
There are a lot of ways to show dark and light contrast and I found this a little hard but everyone seemed to carry right on.

Great job.



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