Spotlight : Surrounded

This week we had a fair representation of what we are surrounded with in our towns. Cityscapes, country spaces, sky, sea, sand and love.  We didn’t miss a thing but I had a small dilemma. 

When we started out we said, ‘no rules’, and have pretty much stuck to that philosophy.  Maybe this has happened before and I just didn’t snap to it.  This week of our 13 posts 4 were from Cheryl Ann out in Southern California.  There is no rule that this can’t happen but ‘fair’?

_MG_7663 cheryl ann framed shot   desert and beyondHer area is beautiful, her photos apropos to the topic but she submitted from 4 different blogs.  I have to admire her photos and her ambition to maintain so many blogs but it threw me on how to handle the extra posts fairly.  In the end I said ‘what the heck’ most of us post more than one photo on one blog so how is hers different….with 4 photos on 4 blogs?    So into my little file when one photo representing her 4 blogs.  I loved this photo: composition, landscape, color, story to tell and all got + check marks.  Thank you Cheryl Ann.

DSC_9139_by Kara how the cookie crumbles

From Kara; a spontaneous dip in the sea.  For me this was not surrounded by water but by joy in the moment.   Her poem was one of my favorite reads of this week.

abc baby beach close Ann NZ the blue hat.

  And From Ann, I called this the blue hat surrounded by sand.

And two : surrounded by family love.   Thank you Pauline and Peggy.

calf1 pauline calf

DSCF2238 QMM loved ones

Next week ‘crops and produce in your town’

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