Spotlighted Moon

There weren't many participants this week.  Maybe because it was a tough topic, maybe most of us were busy like I was.  There may not have been many moons posted but those that were posted were impressive.  All five participants showed a different aspect to the moon.

I'm intrigued by Ginger's half moon.  What's that phase of the moon called?  I thought waxing or waning gibbous but that's not right. I love the colour and wonder what the atmospheric conditions were that produced that colour. 

 I loved Jama's moon.  At first I thought it looked moody to me,  but now I think it looks sad.  Who remembers being a child and seeing faces (and other much scarier things) in the moon?  I swear I can see a sad face!

Simone's moon peeps playfully from behind the clouds.

I couldn't lift Ranu's beautiful textured looking moon.  But you can see it here:  The clarity is remarkable.

Next week "Detail".  I like topics like that where there is room for different interpretations!

Have a good week, everyone!



  1. You are right I enjoyed everyone's posts this week. Missed your down under shots to. DETAIL.... Not DETAILS? I can already seeing me walk around and around, saying ....Detail, detail...details?

  2. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!


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