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Another great week; a good topic, one enjoyed and one that seems to have inspired.  I am astounded by how many good -  no how many great photos are posted each week.  With our usual low summer numbers posting, it is easier to choose the photos to spotlight.  When there are 15 or 20 posts to choose from, needing to cull down the choices to 4 or 5 is hard, but with 6 participant I feel comfortable with posting a complete sampling ….  one from each of you.

Pauline’s detail of Maori Artfso weaving by pauline Maori art

Peggy’s Pine cones from last fall.fso pmacornsfromlastfall peggy

fso detail IMGP0812 jama


When I visited Jama’s post I chose a different photo.  I even copied it over to my computer but my eye kept going back to this one.  I changed my mind;  I love this photo.  Wont attempt to explain why….. just do.







fso simone P7270028


What a find; what intricate detail!  I hope she took it home from the festival.  I have seen this motif on rugs and in paintings – carved it is extraordinary.








Scriptor Senex’s Petunia – Fine example of a British Flower.fso detail 240713 petunias 0355 scrptor senex

And finally, detailed story and photo of the herb coriander, more commonly known  as cilantro.  I love to use the leaves in salads and sauces and the seeds in soups and stews; I didn’t know it had so many health benefits.

fso detail coriander-flowers-shiju

thank you all.


Next week:  seasonal fun.  Spotlights by Peggy


  1. Great photos ss usual. My presence in the Blogworld a bit irregular at the moment, not as much time as usual at the computer. I'll be back ;)


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