Quick tip: How to create a backlit portrait

This is not a tutorial, but more a quick tip that I wanted to share with everybody. It's about backlit portraits. If you happen to be blessed with some sun these days, then get your loved ones out into the nature or a park and try this.

What I love about this method is, that I am not saying: "Here is a nice tip for you, now go out and buy the expensive gear to create it!". Well the gear in this case wouldn't be expensive, since it's only a Light Reflector, but still it can be homemade!

This is the type of image you could create:

As the sun was barely holding on to the sky we decided to make the best out of the light we had. In order to have the face lit properly we used aluminum foil wrapped around a big board, that we held in front of her face. That way you don't lose detail in the face, and still get the gorgeous orange glow behind her. And on top of that it's a very cheap method with maximum effect.

Just make sure that the foil is wrapped nicely and secured. You can then lean the board against something a position it in a way that fills the front of your subject with light. If you have a third person nearby they can even hold it in move it in the right direction.

I hope this can inspire you for your next shoot out!


  1. You're welcome. Hope it can stimulate some ideas for people.

  2. THe light on her face is gorgeous!

  3. I think that if you enlarge the photo you can even see next to her iris the board reflected, just as i would be with a normal light reflector.

  4. This is great. Thanks, I will give it a try.

  5. You're welcome. Let me know how it turned out of you decide to try it.

  6. Nice, I am enjoying your helpful ideas.


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