Retro Spotlights

I have the time zone advantage, it's Monday here before it arrives for all the other participants, except Ann.
That should give me more time to make up my mind about the Spotlights but, in fact, doesn't help at all.  Not when I start procrastinating.  
I'm tempted to say I choose to spotlight Peggy's blog for her creative thinking.  Then I question myself - am I so impressed with her interpretation because I didn't think of it? Yes!
And do her photos do justice to her off the wall interpretation?  Yes! 

OK, I'm making progress.  I can't just tell everyone to go have another look at her Shoot-Out.  Why can't I?  No reason, it's just not sporting.
And how can I not Spotlight one of Dawn Treader's images?  (They were both excellent.)  I can't.  Darn, now I'm resorting to double negatives!  But the negatives are in different sentences so maybe I can get away with it.  

You see how my mind is working (or, more to the point, not working) today?  
So, before I talk myself into knots.  Here are my Spotlights for this week.

Retro reflections by Dawn Treader

Retro-grade by Peggy
(retro-grade meaning to go backward, falling from better to worse.)

Next week we will be "Blowing in the Wind"  
Spotlighter will be Peggy. 

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  1. Love both picks. Especially Peggy's variation on the theme.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. i can see why you struggled, good choice on both of these. and it makes me mad i don't think of things like retrograde


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