Spotlight photos for Sept. 20th.


I wish I was able to use the technical terms to describe the shots I choose but just don't have the grasp of them yet.
I just know what is pleasing to my eye.

 Simone's German Flag and elections are Sunday, how appropriate.
I would not recognize the German flag so glad to have the chance to get a look at it.

 Flags and grass are the favorite subjects used to demonstrate the theme.

Jama's reeds give us color, contrast and the splash of the color from the birds make this photo pleasant to look at.

 Dian's shot from her car is a perfect example of the rule of thirds and I love reflections.

 The green of Pauline's grass and the white strike me as a sentry on duty.

Our weekly spotlighter is Peggy
Our next weekly theme is Sparkle

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  1. Aww thank you for chosing the torn flag!

    My favourite is the pic of Jama.

  2. I also like Jama's picture. Great choices Peggy!


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