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I am really bad at two things, well I am sure there is more than two but for this week’s topic – two things.  One, I tend to eat food without taking a picture of it and second when I do, the pictures look awful.  This boils down to my full appreciation of photos of food that look appetizing and make me want to try it out.  So here is just a few examples of what was presented to us this week.
1185425_10153211034495541_471489092_n belly of pork  ANN NZ
Ann’s Pork Belly Salad.  She says she cooks without recipes, I do most of the time also, but am not sure anything I cook looks this good. 
pita-zeljanica-557c9db8a87e322eb48cac3751b91dbd_header mersada
Mersad’s Pita-zeljanica – color, texture, presentation AND recipes.
MBS 2011 jama
Jama’s smorgasbords of tastes and color, and if I understood correctly she does all this cooking herself. 
I am totally impressed with all of you, and the food you chose to show us.
Next week: Retro
With Pauline back from her rest giving us the spotlights.


  1. Thanks Ginger for highlighting my photo, and yes those food are prepared by me.

  2. Thanks for including me again. We had some mouth watering shots this week!

    Mersad Donko Photography


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