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Baltimore, MD

Our weekly spotlighter is Ginger, I think.  :)
Our next weekly theme is Handwriting

FTMSO is a group blog kept going by wonderful volunteers who love the idea of sharing our home towns and visiting other places through images.  We welcome you to participate in our weekly link-ups and/or get more involved as one of our volunteers.


  1. Yes I plan on doing spotlight. Hope to see lots and lots of posts.

  2. a beautiful colourful shot!

    have a great weekend!


  3. I can't see any links this week either (it was the same thing last week). Not that I have any post ready to link up; but I'm feeling very puzzled. Is it just to me that links have become invisible, or is it the same for everyone??? The page takes forever to load, too (and when it finally does, there just is no linky part).

  4. I had a link.....

    Try using google not google plus or conversely

  5. I still see no links. I'm not using Google+ and I don't want to, as I know other bloggers who have or had problems with that. Is everyone else here really using Google+ and is that the only way to see any link-sites now? What linking-service is used here? Because judging from other memes I can see Linky sites, but not InLinkz ones.

  6. I knew I had been missing Dawn Treader. I have no idea what Google I am using. I didn't choose anything it just happens on it's own. I see the link that with whatever I am using.

  7. It's really weird. The thing is I can see the website "as such", it's only the part with the links that is missing for me. Not only is there nowhere to click for ME to link, but I can't see anyone else's links either - nor is there any empty space to indicate that anything is missing. If I didn't KNOW that this is a blog that usually has links, I wouldn't have a clue that anything was missing. And it's the same thing with Skywatch Friday. The link-part of the blogpost just is not there. But no problems with Weekend Reflections (which is probably using a different link-up service?)

  8. I can see the links from both google chrome and safari. Please make sure your browser is up to date and/or try a different browser.

  9. Doesn't make any difference whatsoever which browswer I use. My usual one is Firefox but I've tried Explorer, Chrome and Opera as well.

  10. Suggestions from inlinkz

    Hi Rebecca,

    some of the possible reasons might be:

    1. An over-eager "internet protection" software (like norton security)
    that has been set to block script tags (You can check if this is it by
    disabling for a while the relevant software)
    2. An ISP DNS query fault. it might sound technical but it is actually
    your ISP getting mixed up InLinkz's address. (If you can see the main
    inlinkz site, it is not that)
    3. A browser caching fault (most possibly it is not as it is the same
    behavior for more than one browser. In any case you can try clearing your
    browser cache:'s-Cache
    4. A general network error (while I do not know what that may be, you
    can try viewing the collections through your phone if you have a data plan
    and connect through that to check if it visible)
    5. A general computer error (Try viewing the linkups from another
    computer )

    In any case ,please send me a URL that should be visible and it is not, and
    please do send me a screenshot of what you're getting.

    If you can get any more technical than that, you can go to chrome, press
    Ctrl-Shift-i and then click on console.
    Then, try viewing the linkup from the blog and whatever red stuff comes up,
    copy and paste it to me

    Last but not least ,can you try viewing this collection ? :

    We'll get to the bottom of it!

    All the best,

    PO BOX: 157 Kardia, Epanomi

    57500 Thessaloniki


  11. Dawn Trader I stopped by too late to put up your link. I could have... sorry. I dont know if this was your intended contribution but I loved one of the photos so I grabbed to be one of my possible spots.

  12. Dawn Trader, related to your problem is mine, I am unable to 'save as' image as I do with everyone else. I end up with a link Icon....
    to windows. check you security settings. I am sure you have....but.

  13. the icon is Google Chrome....wants me to open using google chrome. I use this also, so not getting why it is creating this issue.

  14. Ginger, I check too, same thing happens. It saves a webpage not the image. I was able to save the image using Safari. You might try another browser.

  15. Ginger, I have no idea what's up with that (you not being able to copy my picture). Probably just some temporary glitch! Never mind, as in my own opinion my Friday post was not really relevant to this FSO theme anyway. (Actually I had a different post in mind, but as I couldn't link to this site anyway, I saved that draft for another time!)

    The good news is that just now I can suddenly see InLinkz links again, after two or three weeks of not seeing them. As far as I can understand, totally unrelated to anything I consciously tried, as I gave up on the whole issue two days ago! LOL


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