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I have been with this group nearly from conception, going through many changes in members and through the changes in the actual purpose of the group.  We say it is about our towns but we have shifted our center.  Where we once had snapshots of our towns and their people, home photos if you will, we have shifted to photography being our purpose; that one great shot taken in our towns but not really about our towns. 
When I am not doing the spotlight photos I normally check in on FSO several times and look at the newest posts as they are added, meandering.  When doing the spotlights I like to wait and do all of the post in sequence; by doing this I think I get a good idea of how you all have used your particular talents to convey our topics.  This week I notice two things; there are those that post a fantastic photo and those that tell a great story with a photo as an aid.  So this week we have two photos (and it is hard to pick one GREAT photo when everyone has at least one) and one photo that aided in a good story…… (I apologize to Dawn Trader I tried to pull a really great photo off your post and only ended up with a link to the photo,- maybe by next week we will figure out the problem)
Rainy-Skies pat at the artful diva
  Pat the Artful Diva gives us Rainy Skies
churchanglican pauline and story
Pauline’s story of a small town’s welcome to a stranger.
20130914-IMG_4539-L  Rebeccas St Peters small town
   Okay, I lied.  This week I spotlight 3 photos.  Rebecca’s very small town St Peter’s quarry.    I loved this photo and the story she tells. 
Great week. 
Really sorry Dawn Trader is having problems adding her link. 
Spotlight for October -

Another place from a visitor's perspective                                                  
11Oct Handwriting
25-Oct A Mystery                                  


  1. Interesting observation about the path this meme has taken GingerV. I as impressed by Rebeccas's quarry shot. Thanks Ginger for your comment on my post.

  2. Some great choices. Rebecca's quarry shot was my personal favorite!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Rebecca's quarry shot was my favourite, too. Thanks for choosing my photo but my contribution for the topic was the blog entry prior to that one, inspired by Rebecca's shot. But our trip to the East Cape would have served the purpose just as well. Love seeing new places!

    By the way, I agree with your observations about changes to the purpose of this blog. I've been delighted to have received such great photography advise which I feel has helped me better depict where I come from. But I now feel it is more of a photography blog and I doubt my credentials to be part of the group. I'm hanging in there though! :)

  4. Drat Pauline, I went to the link on this blog.... I didn't look any further. sorry. but I love the church anyway - so there. I also struggle with the Photography focus. but I hate to give up. I have learned a lot through the tutorials and all, but really just want to take snap shots. anyway is a great group of participants.


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