Handwritten signs in shop windows, something in the mailbox, 
an old letter, a journal page, or your own handwriting. 
See if you can find something written by hand in our high tech world.

Redware Pottery 
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

I apologize to those of you who are struggling with this week's theme. 
I put together a little collage to help inspire some ideas. 
I am also posting early to give you some time to view them! 

Thanks to everyone who commented on our discussion, 
we will keep those comments in mind as we move forward. 
Please be sure to visit others, 
and of course, return visits to those who visit you. 

Our weekly spotlighter is Peggy
Our next weekly theme is Clouds Above Your Town

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  1. Love the collage! Actually I was already thinking along the same lines...

    And, obiviously, my problems with linking the past couple of weeks seems to have been "solved". Still don't know what was wrong and can't take any credit for fixing it - suddenly one day the links were just visible again. :)

  2. I am really looking forward to the posts this Friday. As I have written on Dawn Treader's blog, I think most of us will dig in history...

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. I have had problems for 2 days and things finally just settled themselves, as you said. Woe is me with Blogger.

  4. Nice collage. I like this topic.

  5. What good stories this week, Kerrie's brought tears to my eyes, I know I am pretty sappy now days.

  6. That turned out to be a topic I enjoyed. And then I forgot to link - ah well!


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