Sparkle in the Spotlight

Many apologies.  I truly am sorry for being so late with the Spotlight.  The story behind why is just too long and too complicated.  Several things conspired to prevent me from posting and in the end I gave up fighting and just waited for the solution.  Unfortunately, I had to wait a little longer than I had figured.   

I've never before chosen just one image for the Spotlight photo but there was this one image this week that totally captivated me.  I felt the sparkle added a mystical quality to the soft, misty surroundings. 

If ever there was an award for the Most Consistent FSO participant, Jama would surely be a finalist, if not the winner.

Sorry, once again, for the delay.  I'll do better next time.  See you all in a couple of days.



  1. Thank you so much Pauline for choosing my photo once again , I just love taking photos and sharing them online, especially for overseas viewers..and I love seeing photos from all over the world too.Thank you once again.

  2. Much deserved Jama. That image is magnificent!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. That was my fave photo as well!!

  4. Great selection. Yes JAMA is always here. Thanks JAMA for all your sharing.

  5. I completely agree with your description of Jama's consistency, her talent, and this photo in particular. I'd love to have this hanging on one of my walls.


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