Spotlight Clouds

For someone like me who knows nothing of the technical aspect of photography, choosing the Spotlight photo is bound to be based on my emotional response.  I'm going to try and explain my emotional response to each of the Spotlights I've chosen this week. 

I could look at Barb's images all day.  I lived for years in a harsh, arid environment and learnt to see beauty in practically anything that broke the monotony. We sometimes didn't see rain for years but when the storms eventually rolled in, they were something to behold. This shot of Barb's reminds me of a photo I have of an approaching storm taken in 1972. You can practically see the storm broiling inside those clouds.

And I've chosen this shot of Barb's as well, just for its subtle beauty.  I think that is more of an intellectual choice.

I know I have a thing about personal freedom.  It's worked to my detriment a number of times but I know it's something I will never let go.  What I see in Dawn Treader's image is powerful although I realize others may not see it.  I said in my post I love storm clouds and here they are, dark and menacing, but there's more than that at work here. The darkness of the clouds is there also in the fence and that barbed wire fence, to me, represents restraint.  But the clouds can not be restrained, they have complete freedom.  I think that is a wonderfully dramatic shot, takes my breath away! 

 I think it is the feeling of soaring, reaching for the sky, that appeals to me most in Ginger's shot.  The clouds are interesting, too - the layers and layers of different types of clouds as Ginger described them.  I also like the idea of today's clouds looking down on ancient Rome, like the times may change but nature prevails.

OK, I should stop now but there were other shots that just have to be mentioned.  Mersad's panarama.  That is spectacular, even the thought of a 9-shot panarama plays with my head.  Don't know how to do it, and know I don't have the patience to learn, but it sure is good!

I'm going to squeeze in just two more.  And, believe me, I am being firm with myself in limiting it to that.  I don't think a single participant didn't post at least one terrific shot this week.  I'm choosing Peggy's sunrays bursting through clouds simply because I've never been able to capture a shot like that. Love it!

 To be honest I don't know what it is about Simone's image that draws me in.  Is it sunrise? I believe, despite the brooding clouds, there is still the promise of a new day.

I've done a lot of talking this week and I still have something else to say.  I'm going to be away from late December till the beginning of February.  I'm wondering if anyone would like to take my turn as Spotlighter for 10 January and 31 January.  It would be an opportunity to see if you enjoy doing it, without making a long term commitment. 

Our next weekly theme is A Mystery. Look around town, can you find something that makes you feel bewildered? Or leaves you wondering what's up with that? Share photos and maybe we can solve the mystery. If you can't find a mystery, feel free to showcase something in your town you find amusing. 

Our weekly spotlighter is Ginger.

FTMSO is a group blog kept going by wonderful volunteers who love the idea of sharing our home towns and visiting other places through images.  We welcome you to participate in our weekly link-ups and/or get more involved as one of our volunteers.


  1. Thanks, Pauline, for choosing one of my roman skies. This week it was really necessary to go with emotion because there were so many that elicited an emotional response. I'm glad it was you and not me who had to make these choices.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my sunrise. <3

  3. Nice to be features. I really did enjoy this weeks posts. So many beautiful skies, that somehow united us all.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Thanks Pauline for featuring my shot of God Rays. It was too beautiful a sight to resist. Before I joined FSO I probably would not even had a camera with me. That is how far FSO has brought me.

  5. Must have been really hard to choose spotlight photos this week, but you did well :)

  6. Wow, two highlights this week? I am humbled and thrilled, however, the beautiful skies around here - and evidently the world over - do excite me and I am pleased I was able to share my excitement with you all.

  7. Those first shot shots, the skies are amazing!

  8. Hi Pauline. I'm not sure what this
    "spotlight photo" thing is but you picked some great photos. Clouds are one of my favorite subjects. That storm over the barbed wire fence is a really wonderful photo. Congrats to all and especially the person who took the barbed wire photo. It's very good.

  9. Those clouds are magnificent.
    The skies. All the entries are
    beautiful right down to a wire fence.

    Congrats yes to all.

    Great photography here.


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