Spotlighted Mysteries

What were they thinking?  After our discussion a few weeks ago, I felt compelled to find fairness in my choices, not necessarily based on “good photo”  but how much the photo tells us about our towns.  With this group ‘good’ is unavoidable, all the photos this week were excellent, so as I looked through my FSO-Mysteries file I tried for a different way of looking at the group.  This week, three out of the nine photos had the question, Whatever were they thinking?  So our spotlighted mysteries…..
IMGP2797 Jama crosplay
Jama’s question, Why a statue of Liberty at a Chinese Lantern Festival Cosplay?  What were they thinking?
goat fence Dian timpanalley
Ruth’s,  A goat pen in the front yard, really?  Whatever are they thinking?
PA210003 Simones what were they thinking.
and finally Simone’s, what we all ask world wide, “why they set up something that (f)ugly (and that expensive).  What were the town fathers thinking?
See you all back next week, and invite your friends to join us. 
Nov 1: Wild Critters:  What roams in your backyard?    Spotlights by: Peggy


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