Spotlight: My Weakness

Hello everyone. This is my first time writing a spotlight, and I hope I will do justice to the wonderful images that have been posted this week. I know people often say that it's hard to choose, but believe me when I SAY it: it was hard to choose. Mostly because In these weeks since I joined I have come to love everyone's style of photography and writing. But in the end I had to pick. And I chose 5 Spotlights:

It was interesting to get a view of the desert and these wind turbines in a dust storm are fascinating and glorious. I love the light peaking through the clouds...

I really enjoyed this image of the glowing city lights, and deep dark blue tones. I have often said that night time images work best after the sun has set but before complete darkness has arrived. I think that this one proves my point.

It's quite easy to guess why I choose to highlight this one. It's the path that leads to the church and the quietness that comes from the surroundings. So peaceful and serene. I can certainly see why this location would draw somebody in.

This place would be something that would draw me in for sure. I love the loneliness of the castle and the tree line, perfectly reflected in the water.

And lastly we have GingerV's diner snapshot, which is so inviting and had me with the words that they serve a "good old fashioned drugstore hamburger for lunch".

A Weakness can be something that slows us down and takes off the edge, but as it was clearly proven in ALL of the posts for this past week, having a weakness can be quite a beautiful thing. I hope all of you return soon to your favorite spots.

This Friday's Theme is "9 to 5 People at Work". Spotlight by Pauline.


  1. You did great first time out, all were my favorites as I read through the posts. Lucky we don't have to choose just one isn't it? Thx for including my humble diner.

  2. Thanks. I agree, picking one would have been impossible for me.

  3. Mersad thank you for filling in for me. You did a great job. Of course you would because you have that eye for a good shot. I will be able to get back in the rotation as long as my old computer hold out. New still not ready yet.

  4. Glad I could help out, and If you guys want me to I will spotlight again!

  5. Great pics. Nice commentary too.

  6. Good to hear from you Rebecca! :) Thanks!

  7. Doing the spotlights is not the easiest job but it does bring a sense of satisfaction when it is finished. Did you find that Mersad? We'd love to have you join Ginger, Peggy and myself on the Spotlight roster. I think you did a great job this week, nice commentary too, and I'm thrilled to have been included amongst some of my favourite shots from last week.

  8. @Pauline: Yes, I did find that it was satisfying to sum everything up and let it come full circle. I would love to join in!


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