Spotlight: Photographer’s Choice

I am sorry I didn’t post this week.  The whole week just got away from me.  I spent 4 full days in Jury duty; very boring and exhausting days I might add.  Then this weekend Patty and I drove Marissa around a small area of Texas, going in and out of universities; taking tours, doing volleyball tryouts and over-eating. 
I was just now able to go by everyone’s post and enjoy the photos. I will say that all your posts exceeded expectation.  Welcome back to Doreen; was really good to see you return to the group.  I wasn’t able to grab your  “girls just want to have fun” photo, got blocked as photo copyrighted.  Everyone had a photo worth spotlighting, a couple had more than one which does not make the spotlighting job easy.
This week we had lots of pets, farm beasts, birds and reflections and one photo that I found extraordinary. 
Congratulations Monica at Dawn Trader for a photo that shows the seasons in her town; the color and textures, and bokeh giving us a hint of the cold crisp air. An all together pleasing photo and one worthy of a solitary spotlight.
CIMG7751-001[6] dawn trader, monica

Next week our prompt is  “My Weakness” .  Spotlight by Peggy


  1. I agree, Ginger. That is a breathtaking image.

  2. I also loved Your chooks, the color combinations were just great, but this one photo- really took my breath away.


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