Lights-Spotlight photos

Such a great theme this week.
What lights up our town.

As usual hard to choose but we all do our best.

Ruth's Christmas lights with child represents the joy of Christmas that we see through a child's eyes.
The positioning of the child makes the photo eyecatching.


A Spirit of Simplitity's photo gave me goose bumps as this is what I have always loved to do.
Lie down on the floor near the tree with on the lights on. Nowdays that is kind of hard for me to do.
I sometimes do it others I just remember.

That is what a good photo should do, I think.
Be pleasing to the eye but stir up an emotion within the viewer.

Jerilyn's window demonstrated two of my most favorites types of shots.  
Through the window and the reflections.

Thanks to all who entered this week and keep em coming. Being a little selfish I am learning so much each week.

Thanks, Peggy

Our weekly spotlighter is Pauline
Our next weekly theme is Colors of the Season.

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  1. Both pictures nice as you posted them so different. I love the window look out as I love window pictures.

  2. I agree, good selections, Peggy. Bet that wasn't easy!

  3. so glad I didn't have to choose this week, everyone had a great selection of photos. this next Friday should be a good topic also.

  4. So glad are folks are coming back. Makes me think of Barry. Taking photos of us from up above.

  5. thank you for spotlighting me this week. I loved all the other photos as well. It's just such a pretty time of year and lights was a great theme this week.

  6. Très joli post! je te souhaite aussi de très belles fêtes de fin d'année !
    Belle journée à toi, et merci de tes visites sur mes pages!

  7. Thanks for reminding me of Barry, black sheep reminds me ot him, not that he is a black sheep, he asked me about them, and I did a blog post just for him.


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