Spotlight: People at Work

Several shots vied for my attention this week, but one really captured my imagination, not only is it a beautiful image but also because it's only in my imagination or in someone's else photography, would I see such a scene.  The vision of people standing in the cold, with darkness falling, waiting for a bus to take them home after a day at work, is very different from the sights I see.  The nearest passenger bus stop is over 34 kms (20 miles) from my place (other than the school bus, of course.)  It's these differences that I love so much about Friday My Town Shoot Outs.  I wouldn't trade my place in the world for anything but I really enjoy seeing where/how others live, too.  I can have the best of both worlds.  

I loved this image by Mersad, I felt the black and white added a softness and warmth to the scene.  And I'm amazed that black and white can achieve that. 

Our next weekly theme is Rush Hour  
A congested highway or waiting for the cows to move off the road, our rush hour stories are sure to be varied and interesting.

Our weekly spotlighter is Ginger

FTMSO is a group blog kept going by wonderful volunteers who love the idea of sharing our home towns and visiting other places through images. We welcome you to participate in our weekly link-ups and/or get more involved as one of our volunteers.


  1. Very good choice . This is an interesting topic that lends itself to good photos and tells us a lot about everyone's town.

  2. Thanks for picking my photo! But I loved all the posts this Friday. As GingerV said, so many views into the towns and cities and the activities inside of them.

  3. I like the new header. Thanks Mersad. That photo of yours is definitely eye-catching. Good choice Miz P.

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