Spotlight on Rush Hour,

No rushing around for me this morning; made my pot of coffee and snuggled under the blanket with my iPad until the house emptied of students and workers in a rush to ‘get there’, Then the second cup of coffee and a move to the computer, taking my time visiting everyone’s post for the week, reading all the comments and just enjoying my morning alone in a quiet house.  There are advantages to being unemployed.  I do have to sweep floors, plan dinner and take Spritzer for his one hour walk, but that can all wait.

First, welcome to our new participants and to old (long time) returning friends.  Everyone keep passing the word that this is a fun way to show off your town and your photos.  We aren’t about photography….. keep saying this and maybe soon we will believe it – we are about our towns and seeing (showing) differences in cultures, architecture, and daily habits of towns worldwide, and if you can manage the ‘best shot ever’, we will enjoy and celebrate with you.  The spotlight photos are about highlighting the participants and saying thank you for sharing with us. 

As I went through the blogs this week, leaving comments and pulling a photo from each for possible spotlighting, I kept in mind how each photo, whether snapshot or photoshop’d, told us about rush hour in your towns or in your life. 

The first:  Catching the train home, by Rebecca:  She has a block on her photos so I couldn’t a copy but it is spotlighted nun the less. If you haven’t seen it click the link, and see for your self, and feel the rush.

Second:  Pauline’s sheep in the road.  Hope you aren’t in a hurry to get to town.  I love that the sheep own the road, while the jeep hangs precariously on the side, practically in the ditch.

sheep on road1 - Pauline

and third;  The Spirit of Simplicity gave us a photo like we all would like to have taken – it tells about a rush to get the Christmas trees to market, taken with a nostalgic Christmas card composition that is beautiful, fitting to the theme and the season.

068ppp spirit of simplicity

Thanks to everyone who participated and hope you all are back here next Friday, bring a friend along.

The theme is Lights; what lights up your town, your streets, your home.   Spotlights by Peggy.

Need to walk the dog.  bye.  GingerV


  1. Great selections GingerV. Love the tree shot. I hope it stops snowing and icing up the roads so I can get some light shots this week.


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