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If you look over to the right on the side panel, you will see that I have put up topics (themes) (Mimes) for the month of January.  Below that is a list of other suggested topics and BELOW that in red are two suggestions that I made a ways back that can be special events. 

Coming up with topics, interesting topics, month after month is probably the hardest thing about being an administrator for our group.   I found that the last 4 or five weeks’ topics were so similar that I had to scratch my brain to come up with photos and story for them all.  In the end, I didn’t post for all the weeks.  We want everyone to post ALL the time, so topics are important.

When I did this for nearly a year back in 2009 – 2010, we were new and fresh, and I tried to think about what in My Town I would like to show those who might not ever travel to Brasil.  Brasil was much easier than Houston; it was all new to me also, and I had a gazillion photos.  I also tried to mix specific photography (Macro) weeks with My Town specific photos and story (the four corners).  We also started out asking those that suggested a topic to submit the photo and a paragraph that told us what direction you were thinking when making the suggestion.  In other words, I didn’t have to continually have a photo from my archives that matched a topic someone else was thinking about, imagining ….. this is REALLY difficult. 

(#1) I like the idea of having you submit an idea / photo / and paragraph to go on our topics list,.  This allows everyone to participate and to have some ownership in our blog.  Take a look at the topics already suggested – pick one or give us another.  Send the idea photo / a photo / and a couple of sentences about the topic to v.vanstaveren@sbcglobal.com … on the RE line put FSO – topic suggestion.  I will start putting participant's names to the suggestion and assign a date.  You know your submission will then be posted on that date.  Scavenger hunt ideas are welcome, but being more difficult, lets limit them – maybe 3 a year (?). 

(#2) Now! one more thing.  The ‘About my town’ topic that I suggested a few months back; we have been publishing photos, a glimpse here and there of our towns, and I thought it would be nice to have little essays about our towns.  We can do this as a topic for one week with everyone submitting a short story about their town or we can do Special Events once a month or so on the FSO blog, featuring someone’s town.  You tell me what you think.  I see this as 50 to 100 words with maybe 3 photos.  Something like…  I live in a seaside town of 50 who … or on a mountaintop that…. or like Houston, a sprawling metropolis of 4.5 million that…..A few facts, why you love your town (or hate about it), not to complicated, easy to read but tells us a lot about the town.  What do you think?

I would like to hear from everyone, active and at-rest participants.  See you one Friday….anyone want Friday’s topic???


  1. Hi Ginger,

    I think I understand where you're going with this but just to make sure, are you suggesting I pick a topic, ie rustic details, then write a 50-100 word essay about the rustic details of my town, add two or three pics and send to you. Then this will eventually become the feature of the week and others can post rustic details of their town and link it up? If that is how it goes, I like it. If I've got it all mixed up, please set me straight, lol.

  2. I think Ginger meant special posts in between the usual Friday link-ups that are about our towns or stories from our towns. Something to take the blog back to where it started from.

  3. yes Mersad - not all the way back, but we have a lot of new people from the start-up and it would be nice to know exactly where they are from.

    Barb - sent you an email but here it is again for others that might question me. Maybe I will edit the post and clarify - I, of Course, knew just what I meant..... lol.
    here is more - (Barb) no sorry - two separate things. 1) pick a topic or one you have thought of - send to me a photo and a paragraph (1-2 sentences) that tells us more about the topic. i.e. rustic details.... what is a rustic detail - define and describe - tell about your photo - that sort of thing.

    2) we choose rather we have a week topic - MY TOWN - and in that week everyone writes about the town - geography / special industry / more about the town and less about a photo of the town. OR we have the MY TOWN essays submitted and we highlight them for example instead of the spotlight photos.....

  4. Ginger, I like the idea of spotlighting the town with an essay. I'll try to come up with some ideas for weekly topics and then submit them to you.

  5. I like both ideas of scavenger hunt and doing a spot light of our towns. This is one of my favorite blogs.

  6. I like both ideas - I'll browse the topics that I've missed and come up with something.


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