New Year Spotlights

I've chosen The Artful Diva's artwork to kick off our Spotlights for 2014.  I've never thought about having a word of choice for the year but I think 'Begin' is perfect for the role.  

Something else I heard about for the first time recently is a Blessings Jar.  I could never create a beautiful work of art but I can find a pretty jar to use to collect memories of my blessings.  I'm going to put this idea into practise.  Thank you, J9.

Mersad's set of photos depicted his region beautifully. I live near mountains, love the thought of the permanence of them, how the weather can change their appearance but other than that they don't change. Years may come and years may go, they stay the same.  I love the composition of this shot, the opposing texture of the clouds, the light and fluffy and the dark and brooding. 

Our weekly spotlighter is Ginger
Our next weekly theme is Winter in my Town

I'll be borrowing places in Ginger's former home, Brazil as my hometown for the next month.  How I'm going to find a winter shot will be a challenge as I swelter in the heat.  

Friday My Town Shoot Out is a group blog kept going by wonderful volunteers who love the idea of sharing our home towns and visiting other places through images. We welcome you to participate in our weekly link-ups and/or get more involved as one of our volunteers.


  1. Good - excellent choices. And there isn't much difference between winter and summer.... Just greens and rain....I hope you enjoy your month in Brasil..... Saudade!

  2. I love all of these. Great selection.

  3. Thanks for selecting my image. All of the contributions this week were great. Enjoy your stay in Brazil.

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. I like the new header photo. Nice colors. How do I add to the past themes tab? I will have to retype them.... First make a list. There are quite a few missing.

    2. Thanks. The past themes tab is just a manually written down list of the themes. So yes, it will have to be filled up manually again.


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