Open Space

Open Space - Indoor / outdoor: large, high, wide, empty or full - Space. 
(topic suggested by Ginger)

Space:  Jeronimos Monastery, Lisboa, Portugal

This week's spotlighter is Mersad
Next week's theme is Leading Lines

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  1. So excited to be doing the spotlights this week, and to be included in the regular spotlight rotation. Looking forward to all the contributions this week.

  2. That is a really magnificent cathedral!

  3. Amazing shot Ginger. I am running late today. Love those cathedrals.

  4. Stopped by Pauline's and found her post..... She should be home soon and I cant wait to see more of here tripped.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. A note from an old friend.....

  7. What a fantastic cathedral! It can't have been easy to get that shot as the lighting is patchy.


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