Spotlights: Rustic Details

The quality of photos on FSO has so impressed me over the years I have been involved as both participant and Spotlighting.

I am doing what I can to help keep our group going, all the administrators are. Please go back and read special posts from GingerV and see what you can do to help keep this blog going.

My picks this week for spotlights.

Several interpretations which makes this blog fun.

 Truly rustic, as in unrefined.
Taken by J9

 Rustic as in old, country.
Love the closeup of texture and design in Barb's shot.

Rustically creative
Ooops with windmill 
the Artful Diva.

I wanted to use Cranium Bolts shot of people as rustic but could not save a shot.

Go back to his blog and take a look at the 2nd shot to see what I mean.

  (See my town in Spotlight below)

Our next weekly spotlighter is Mersad.
Our the weekly theme is 
Jan 24: Open Space - Indoor / outdoor: large, high, wide, empty or full - Space.

No use re-inventing the wheel so I decided to use this video prepared by the Nelson County Chamber of Commerce.

My post for the FSO shows a rustic early stage stop in our town which was alive and well in 1779.
Remember at one time Bardstown was the last frontier.

Before Daniel Boone and Lewis and Clark started their treks west, Bardstown was a thriving little community.
Jessie James' mother lived in Bardstown in a historic home called
The Old Stonehouse.
This is on Stonehouse Rd. near where we live.
It was the wild west at one time.

The first Catholic Cathedral west of the Alleghaney Mountains was constructed in Bardstown and Bardstown was the center of the Catholic Diocese of Bardstown.
The cathedral, St. Joseph, is now called  a Prot0- Cathedral as the center of the diocese was moved to Louisville and a diocesan cathedral was built there.
However the cathedral in Bardstown was the first and stands as the prototype of  such diocesan headquarters.

What I like about my town is all the unique shops and fun places downtown are locally owned.

Yes we have some "Big Box" stores but they are situated on the outskirts of our town and the priory of our historic town is to give you a fun filled time while vacationing in your home country.

You are all welcome to spotlight your home town
any time and link it with FSO.

Thanks for viewing mine.



  1. Very good Peggy - your little town is really interesting, I wish I'd known more when I stopped in to visit, maybe I'll make it throught there again. Your spotlight choices are 'optimum' ginger

  2. It was wonderful to learn about your town. I like your selections for last Friday's Theme.

  3. Great intro to your town. I'm itching to get into those historic buildings with my camera ;) A carriage ride would be fun, too.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. OOPS! too late. I received notice of your post with suggestions, entered it on the side panel and gave you February 21. Before the 20 of february will you email me a further description of the topic with one photo and will post with the inLinkz. Thank you for giving us a topic..... YEAH!
      Whenever you are ready you can also do a spotlight on your town.... just send to me and tell me when you want it posted. Thats How You Get Volunteered.....


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