Stained Glass

Feb 28: Stained glass  -  Large or small, religious or decorative. Show and tell us about the stained glass in your Town. (Topic by Ginger V)  We tend to associate stained glass with the windows in our chapels, churches and cathedrals but they are also used (and re-used) in older homes, store fronts, and other public buildings.  Hunt one down, and show us how they look from the outside, and from the inside.  How they change the atmosphere, the light and our feelings about the space they adorn. 

Madrid Spain

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Mar 7: Start of the Day - What does the new day bring in your town or city? How does it start? From personal stories to the sights you see every morning, show us the morning in your town. (Mersad)

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  1. Love the spot of sunlight in your photo.

    1. I hope no one minds that I put up a photo from my travels versus my town. I found right away that I don't have enough photos of Houston to share - to spare. I love the Alter was shown by a ray of sun from the upper windows and the floor and arches colored by the stained glass, to me a perfect example of how stained glass changes how we see an interior space.

  2. what a special craft it must be to make stained glass windows.


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