Valentine's Day is upon us, and while the notion of sugary sweet love in the air may not be to everyone's taste, one can't deny feeling love. Join us this week in celebrating the love stories we share with the places we live in. Weather it's a part of nature nearby or the history of your place or loved ones strolling by, share with us what you love about your town and what love looks like in your town or city.

The Old Bridge in Mostar, a symbol of unity and love

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Friday My Town Shoot Out is a group blog kept going by wonderful volunteers who love the idea of sharing our home towns and visiting other places through images. We welcome you to participate in our weekly link-ups and/or get more involved as one of our volunteers.


  1. The link is now up and working.....Ginger

  2. I have been to Mostar and took a very similar picture. It is a beautiful place!

  3. Beautiful place!
    Happy Valentine's day!

  4. Love your bridge. How peaceful it looks!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day to all our group friends. Love that bridge shot.

  6. That bridge just oozes stories. Beautiful old bridge and a great photo, Mersad.


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