Spotlights: Eating and Drinking in my Town

Deliciousness was housed on our group blog for this past theme. And while i seems almost impossible to pick a favorite post and dish (because most of them were drool inducing), I had to select a few to spotlight here. So let's start:

How can you not include an image that shows a scrumptious and tasty looking strawberry cake, that was featured in the local town birthday celebration! And yes, it's free cake!

Peggy says that she visits this family owned restaurant for special occasions, because the food is on the pricey side. I think the scallops look magnificent and tasty, and that this photo and restaurant certainly deserves to be spotlighted.

And then there is a delicious Boston pizza to top everything of. I can't really decide which ones I like the best from these two. You be the judge.

I think we can all agree that past Friday's theme was not only great to look at, but also showcased the various foods that our cities offer. From free to expensive, food is something that we all have in common and that is universally shared. It's really a great binding point that brings people together.

This Friday we have a new theme called Stained Glass. It's all about the translucent qualities of this material, whether in a colored version, religious context or from your home. Spotlights will be done by Ginger.


  1. Thanks Mersad for the spotlight. It is not easy for sure.

  2. Thanks Mersad...all that food made me want to get out and eat :)

    1. Me too. Especially while selecting the images.

  3. I had trouble with leaving comments and didn't go back to make sure who got one and who didn't - sorry lazy. but I enjoyed everyone's contributions - the variety is really what this group is all about. see you all on Friday.

  4. Thanks for including me in the spotlight! :)

  5. Great choices, Mersad. I've been craving pizza since last Saturday when I saw that one above!

  6. If you weren't hungry before doing the Spotlight I'm sure your were when you finished :)

  7. Your food photos are really good and makes me hungry ;),Mersad!


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