Spotlights: Start of the Day

Spotlight shots for
Start of the Day.

Simone's sunrise.
The colors are outstanding.
A gift of nature we all receive.

Congratulations to Kerry and her new camera.
I choose her daffodils, we need to see them so badly.

Ann's concrete workers

There are all kinds of things going on to start a day.
I choose this shot because it represents the hard work done by folks we sometime take for granted.
Love the shadow of  (I am assuming) Ann in this shot.

 Jerilyn's Angel cards

 So many different things folks do to start their day.
This was very much like a morning medication for the day.

Sarah's cat

This is a great interpretation of the start of the day.

Ginger's bridge

 I can never pass up a reflection.

What a wonderful group we had this week.
Such fun to read how different parts of the world start their day.

Keep your photos coming folks what a great group to hang with.


Our weekly spotlighter is Pauline
Our next weekly theme is 
Water - From rivers and lakes to seas and oceans. Show us water in and around your town (Mersad)

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  1. Thank you so so much for chosing my sunrise. I also love all the other pics <3


  2. Peggy, thanks for including my foot bridge into the swamp..... As you can tell reflections are my total favorite photo. and .... flowers which I don't find in Houston often. guess because we don't walk on the streets here.
    have a great week.

  3. Thank you Peggy! I'm sure it won't be long before everybody has daffodils of their own. :-) It was so fun for me to join up with the gang again, and there were so many cool participants to visit this week.

  4. Good choices, Peggy. That would have been difficult, there were so many terrific shots this week.

  5. Thanks Peggy. I appreciate the spotlight, especially because there were so many wonderful photos to look at. I love Ginger's bridge.


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