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What a pleasure for me, reading all the posts and enjoying the photos.  In all the years with the Friday Shoot-Out, I have traveled and posted from many different cities, and over the years many of the comments have come in as.... 'gosh, I know I will never see this, so thank you for sharing.'   I think that I never appreciated this type of comment enough. Now that I am more landlocked, and not likely to travel to unknown cities - I can say, "gosh I enjoyed visiting all these cities' old buildings."  I want to travel to Singapore and to Mostar, and jeez, to Toronto and to the deserts of Nevada and Arizona, New Zealand ..... This was a great shoot-out topic - thank you Barb for the theme idea.  Keep the theme ideas coming. 

This week we had twenty linkz.  I am sorry but I deleted one of them.  It had great photos, but not anything related to the topic / themes / meme - we really are about stories and photos of our towns.

There were several blogs that I was not able to pull photos that I liked. Google + seems to take its protection of your photos seriously and makes it impossible to share as a spotlight photo.  I'm sorry for this.
The Spotlights this week,
Jackie from the Junk Boat Travels - new member of the FSO gang gave us this photo of the Old Toronto city hall bell tower.  There were several other really nice photos of the tower but this one appealed to me - all the personality of this old building with a backdrop of sleek - personality free newer buildings.... it really shows us why we love our old buildings so much.

And,  Dian's (Tinpanalley) photos of the Baptismal at the Salt Lake City Temple made me catch my breath. Her story of the farmers building the temple in their limited spare time, the idea of replacing its sandstone foundation for the more permanent granite underlying the idea that they were 'here to stay'. 

And finally, Jama's Singapore's Art Museum's graceful lines.  A story of a building restored and re-used, saving its history and grand areas

Thanks to everyone who shared your historic building with us, in what I thought was one of the best shoot-outs we have had.   See you all next week.  Bring your friends, 

April 4: Out and About - Take us on a walk through your town. What are the sights you see when you are out doing your daily or weekly chores, or when you are out for some leisure? (Barb)
Next week Spotlights by Peggy

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  1. Just gorgeous. That baptistry is stunning!

  2. Great choices. They are three terrific images.

  3. I am late getting to visit everyone this week but will do it. You choose some great spotlights. The baptistry is amazing and as you say I will probably never get to see it.

  4. just wondering, can anyone answer my questions that are in a comment in the last post? thank you!

    1. Doreen, I think Wordpress ask that you sign in, i just put my blog sign in and I dont ask to follow the comments, sometimes your in box will be swamped with comments. I don't have an answer to your second ?.... I would like to know also.

    2. thanks Ginger. I have tried following a few sites and it says I am already signed in, but gives me an error message and then says try again later. ???
      oh well!

    3. Email gene witmore.... Gringo, Gene is a blog guru. Tell him ginger says hello.


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