Spotlighting Stained Glass

Business first: we are still (always) in need of more topics.  Please think about what you would like to show off in your town and make a suggestion.  You can even choose a week / specific date when you would like the topic to run.  Just check out the dates already filled and tell us what other week you would like your topic to be our weekly theme.  A long time ago someone wanted the letter M because their new granddaughter’s name started with a M.  So birthdays / anniversaries / St. days can all be celebrated in this way. 

Even if I must say so myself, this is a great topic for our MyTownFridayShootout.  I enjoyed everyone’s contribution and the windows and art ran the full gambit of possible stained glass in our towns.  As I always do, I pulled one photo from each post for consideration as a group and then tried to come up with a cohesive reason for each spotlight.  Cohesive may not have won…. but I try.  Hope everyone visits all the contributions and leave a note showing your appreciation. 

The first is because Jackie is a NEWBIE and we like to welcome our new comers – This domed window is a sample one of our spectacular stained glass shown this week.

casa loma (35) Jackie's ... newbie

003  Kim Hkiss

This next art piece with its gentle colors and delicate form was shown by Kim Hkiss.  I wish that the total wing span was on display – do they come to a point or curl at the ends.  Maybe Kim can tell us.  I know that I would display this in my home with great pride.








4-DSC_0027 barb - humor

And Finally, another piece of modern glass art, brought to us by Barb from a neighbor (two actually, one that paints a picture and the partner that turns it into stained glass.)  A piece of stained glass art that could bring you a chuckle daily. 

Next week:   Mar 7: Start of the Day - What does the new day brings in your town or city? How does it start? From personal stories to the sights you see every morning, show us the morning in your town. (Mersad)

with Peggy Spotlighting.


See you all next week – bring a friend.  GingerV




  1. Thanks, Ginger, for being up for the spotlighting task again.

    I have another idea for a future topic: How do you get round your town when you want to leave the car at home and indulge some leisure activity? Is there a bridle path, bike path, hiking trail or perhaps even a canal in your town?

  2. Nice spotlighting. :) In summer and/or early autumn my town will be having a sculpture + street art festival again. I think sculptures is topic that can always be repeated from time to time as most towns usually have more than one.

  3. DT and Barb, Thank you for the suggestions, I have put both of them onto our list of topics and will assign a date to them soon. DT did you want to have the topic during your festival time or sooner? let me know.

    1. It doesn't really matter Ginger. Our sculpture festival usually takes place in summer (June - August). But sculptures as a FMTSO topic does not need to be synced with that. :)


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