Spotlights: Spring Scavenger Hunt

This past Friday's theme celebrated the arrival of spring. And while real spring hasn't yet arrived to all parts of the northern hemisphere, we did manage to get a glimpse into the calender spring for a lot of towns all over the world. So let's move on to the images I have selected for Spotlights this week.

I love this shot of the yellow sunflowers, looking up into the sky, welcoming the sun and celebrating the return of warmer days (even though the post suggests that winter is not over yet, which is clearly visible by the ice beneath the new shoes).

I love this creative spin on the "yellow flower" part of our scavenger hunt. These little cupcakes look very delectable and sweet, and the little yellow flower is just perfect.

This next image, of course, had to be spotlighted, because it is the only one that included all three items in one post. From the cute little yellow flowers, to the new green leaves to new shoes, which I hope didn't stamp the flowers :)

I had to spotlight these beautiful golden hills, filled with new green leaves and yellow acacia blooms. This is the view Barb enjoys while house sitting. The post includes some lovely close-ups of the acacia, as well as the flora of this region.

Thank you all for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed all the posts for this past Friday's theme, but also the images I chose to spotlight. Next week we are back to the single-themed format. Our next weekly theme is Oldest Building. Show us old buildings in your city, town or village, and share with us their stories. Spotlights will be done by Ginger.

Friday My Town Shoot Out is a group blog kept going by wonderful volunteers who love the idea of sharing our home towns and visiting other places through images. We welcome you to participate in our weekly link-ups and/or get more involved as one of our volunteers.


  1. Thanks Mersad for highlighting my shot. Not an easy task for sure.

  2. Thanks, Mersad, I think you'd like the taste of those cupcakes, too. I thought Barb's image was the shot of the week, the soft flower buds complimented the hills in the background so perfectly.

  3. Great choices, I love the cupcakes.

  4. Lovely! I loved all the entries really :)


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