Water Spotlights

Whew! Water is such a wonderful subject for photographers and there are some wonderful photographers in this group, it's no surprise that I had quite a task this week. Procrastination when you are pressed for time is not to be recommended. Then, on the plane yesterday while I was travelling south to Taranaki, I decided I would choose just one photo.  It would have to tell me  a story about water in the contributor's town.

I chose Ranu's image for several reasons.  It appealed to me visually, the children (are they really all boys?) in and out of the water, the obvious joy.   Here water seems to be much more than something beautiful to photograph.  The scene is unique, I don't image you would see the same scene in many of our towns.  And I really like that it works in black and white, I wouldn't have imagined that it would.

I apologise for not lingering on posts to leave comments, I will try to visit everyone during the week.

Our next weekly theme is Spring is Here. For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere I guess we will interpret that as a Scavenger Hunt to celebrate that Autumn is Here.  Post 3 photos, one of each item found and a fourth photo only if you find all in one photo. The photos including all three items will be Spotlighted. The Spring Scavenger Hunt:  A yellow flower,  the first leaf,  a new shoe. (Ginger)

Mersad will be Spotlighter

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  1. Great plan to make a decision. It is a hard job and I also understand some week when our turn comes there is a lot going on in our lives. Safe travel for you Pauline.

  2. A very good choice Pauline. You are sure getting around since retirement. It must be agreeing with you. I thought I explained the scavenger hunt just as Rebecca used to ..... But it might have been confusing. The last sentence is actually this week's theme
    Finding a photo of a yellow flower, a photo of a new leaf and a photo of a new shoe.....So I hope you don't mind I added it to your post above.

  3. My fave photo, too. Terrific picture.


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