Spotlights: Out and About in my Town

This group is getting more entertaining each week.
Wow such wonderful photos were shared this week.

Dawn Treader's-Through Town
gives us the feeling of touring her town with her. Activity around the flower beds and landscape give us a feeling of renewing for the coming season.

Christa's geese illustrate how a walk around the town can show us the local fowl in the area and the photos all together, when you look at them on her blog, show the intelligence these fowl possess.
Taking care of the family.

 Pauline saw more than building and landscape on her walk about.
The routine of the young folks make for an interesting insight into what kids love to do.
Here I think they were about finished and goofing off.

 Jim's Palm Tree
Represents a calmness that can be found among 
a bustling community.

See you next week.

Our next weekly theme is 
April 11: Weather Changes - April is known to have massive swings when it comes to weather. It can change quickly during a day. Show us your town's weather, from nice and sunny, to grey and rainy. (Mersad)


  1. Great selections. I really enjoyed Dawn Treader's and Christa's posts!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Thank you Peggy. I am glad you enjoyed the geese outings. This is such a fun idea. I am ready to tackle the next theme. See you Friday. Christa

  3. I'm glad you liked my boys exercising shot, Peggy. I was so happy to capture how out of step they all were. It cracked me up! They were nearly finished, were pretty tired but not goofing off. The coach would have kept them there longer if they had done that!

  4. nice choices! that sure is some palm tree!!


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