Spotlight: Bells

From Ed and Roub: Another childhood memory honoring the memory of Barry:

and from Peggy - The Grandest Bell

THIS FRIDAY:  May 2: Construction - Show us the architecture of your town. Maybe even a comparison from the old to the new. Or, give us the before and after. (Ginger) 

Spotlighs by Peggy.

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  1. Thanks Ginger! It was good to revisit the days of ringing bells.

  2. The church in Peggy's video is so beautiful!

  3. What a beautiful church, and those bells ringing are music!!!

  4. Tomorrow I will come around and visit as many blogs as I can Ginger. Thank you for highlighting this and for remembering the special person Barry was. I am working with the Green Party in Canada now as Barry and I did for many years before he contracted cancer. I want to continue his work with them because I think the best way to help cancer is to clean up the environment. Governments today are making this a daunting task but I am persevering with all I can do to help to make our world a cleaner and healthier place. I have two political meetings, one tonight in Toronto and one tomorrow in Guelph, but I will make an effort to visit remembered friends here. Thank you again Ginger, Linda


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