Spotlights: Museums

I loved this past Friday's contributions for the theme Museums. So many interesting sights and stories from various places. I also want to wish everyone a Happy Easter. Don't forget to share with us your Easter pictures this coming Friday! Theme is "Let the Bells Ring".

First I want to mention Pauline's Train post which was very fascinating

As well as Gingers Plane Museum

We had Dawn Treader's post about the Textile Museum

And Last but not least, there is Peggy's Civil War Museum post which was insightful as well as nicely shot!

Our next weekly theme is Let the Bells Ring with spotlights by Ginger.

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  1. Paulines train / photos trumped all in my opinion. Loved the colors and the sense of movement, I could almost hear the whistle blowing...... well done Pauline

  2. We do not have any bells in my town but they used to blast off a cannon every 4th of July morning when all us early morning workers wanted to sleep in for one day. It is not much fun to woken up to several blasts from a cannon.


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