Weather in the Spotlight

I have to admit I thought that "the weather" was an unlikely topic.  
How wrong was I? 

Initially I saved more than 10 photos, 
then had to get to work to cut it down to a manageable number.

We had wind in Massachusetts thanks to a spirit of simplicity

Rain in Singapore courtesy of Jama

Doreen's snow scene from Michigan

The calm before a storm where Krista lives in Virginia

 Incredible colours captured by Jutta from Berlin

  And, from Salma in Calgary, a child prepared to enjoy himself whatever the weather.

Here's hoping we all have weather we like this week!

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  1. There were so many great images to choose from, so I know that you had a hard time. I think this theme yielded a lot of great photography, as these spotlights clearly show! Good job Pauline.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Good morning Pauline, I agree with Mersad. This was a great theme. I, for one, had a great time deciding how to describe our April weather through photos. And it was fun for me to see what April is like in other parts of the world. Thank you for spotlighting my post. Christa

  3. Great pics Pauline. There was a lot of very creative theme shots and narrative.

  4. You have got a wonderful collection of photos. Enjoyed seeing them!

  5. thanks for spotlighting one of my shots with all of these magnificent photos. the other shots are just perfect!


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