May 23 Spotlights for street fairs and celebrations

 Sorry I am late posting.
Holiday weekend and a lot of partying going on.

So many beautiful goings on and shots it is not easy to pick.

Jackie's shot caught my eyes as I scrolled down the reflections in the window and then on down to the stripes on the tent to the organization of the items for sell just kept drawing me back.

Typical of street fairs I am used to seeing.

Ann's Alpacas's with the red leach and bright green background made for an attractive shot.

I loved Ruth's blog with all the dancers and bright colors.
Yes the shot was very light in front which even more highlighted the glamorous hair styles.

Just had to choose Scriptor's bell, since it is Memorial Day in America.
Ring out the glory for all who have given serve and/or their lives for their country.

Thanks for all the beautiful contributions to our 



  1. Good choices, Peggy. Those alpacas are so cute, aren't they?


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