Sculpture Spotlights

Sculptures or statues.  Wasn't that a great topic? 

After visiting all the participants I feel like I've been on a world class art tour.  The Spotlights I've chosen represent four different countries.

From Jim in Sydney, Australia "Sacrifice" is a sculpture located inside the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park.  It depicts a body of a young Anzac soldier lying over a shield and sword.   It's a permanent memorial to those from the state of New South Wales who served in The Great War 1914 - 1918.


Welcome to a new FMTSO participant from Hamilton, Ontario.  I'm a bit confused about this sculptures title, Unleashed, as to me it looks like the figures are pulling in the sail.  Maybe just pulling it into place, so the it can be filled with the wind  and fly away.  I don't know that much about sailing.  I like that already I know Hamilton is beside the water and has an association with sailing.

Did you see Tomoko's beautiful images of the sculptures on the Midousuji Street which is one of the main streets in Osaka?  What a treat it must be to walk down that street and see the 29 original sculptures.  They are all so lovely it was hard to choose but when I looked at  "Jill" by Asakura Kyouko I could imagine myself greeting her as I walk past her along with the thousands of people who must pass her daily.

From visiting Monica in Sweden for a few years I've come to appreciate the artwork of her hometown, where the Borås International Sculpture Biennial 2014 has just opened.  This year's big attraction is the sculpture The House of Knowledge by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa.  I agree with Monica, it's a truly awesome sculpture.

 Next week the theme is The Colors of Early Summer

 Our weekly spotlighter will be Mersad

Thanks for all the beautiful contributions to our Friday My Town Shoot Out.



  1. Great selections and commentary. I really liked Monica's sculpture post!

  2. yes I agree great commentary. Great selections and yes getting to know the world. Great job Pauline.

  3. I really loved to join Shoot out my town. Thanks !!

  4. A diverse and interesting selection. It must have been hard to choose this week, but you did well.

  5. These are such amazing statues and sculptures!

  6. I love all of these and I shall have to go back to some of the other blogs for a closer look too.


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