Spotlight Beaches

I thought every single post was a jaw dropper this week.  So many breathtaking photos!

My spotlights come from all over the world.  Each is so different from the beaches I see here in the South Pacific.

Mersad's spectacular Croation Island of Hvar:

I would never have the creativity to take a black and white photo at the beach.  But, it seems perfect for Ranu's Goa Beach in India. I think it helps us see the details in his image.

To me a beach is a happy place and my smile was very broad when I spotted Jackie's beach-side image from Toronto.   Love the composition.

And oh, the beaches of Oregon in the States.  I can't believe we were lucky enough to have two contributions featuring the same coast line.  And what a coast it is! I simply couldn't decide between one of Kerry's images and one of Linda's.  But when a place speaks to me it speaks loudly.  So I've chosen two aspects of the same coastline, the quiet harbour:

and the seastacks sitting in the wild, untamed sea.

Our weekly spotlighter Mersad
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  1. Having just returned from a trip to the coast this was a great week to participate! I enjoyed everyone's post. Thanks Pauline!


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