Treats from my Town [Friday My Town Shoot Out] [Link-up]

This time share with us delicious treats from your town. What do you like to eat? What is your town known for when it comes to cuisine? Do you have recipes of dishes from your region, that you would like to share? Restaurants and cafes are also a option. 

This week it's all about the delicious side of life. Link up and show us!

Cupavci, a traditional Bosnian desert

Our next weekly theme is Simplicity - Show us clean lines, minimal objects, simple designs from your town. From small objects to clean cut big buildings, everything is open!

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Friday My Town Shoot Out is a group blog kept going by wonderful volunteers who love the idea of sharing our home towns and visiting other places through images. We welcome you to participate in our weekly link-ups and/or get more involved as one of our volunteers.


  1. OMG ~ they look exactly like Australian lamingtons!

    1. I had the same thought. :)

    2. I think that the main difference is that these Cupavci are very moist and they are dunked into a more liquid sauce, like chocolate milk. But yes they seem to be very similar otherwise. :)


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