MY TOWN SHOOT OUT is moving to Wednesday!

As I previewed and asked about in last weeks post, there will be some changes coming to this link-up blog. Here are some things that will change:

1. The Link up will move to Wednesday
This Friday there will be no link up, but it will go up on Wednesday. It will stay in the middle of the week so people can access it more easily, but as always it will remain open for the next 6 days, so you are not pin pointed to that day. That's just when it goes live.

2. It's just the "MY TOWN SHOOT OUT" blog
Friday is out of the title, obviously. :)

3. Themes are less specific!
It's no longer: "show us a street", "show us your door", "show us a festival". We will keep the location, which means show us something from your corner of the world. That can be your town or something in the vicinity and/or region. But you will not be tied down to a specific theme.

4. New Layout
I will also try to make a new layout and update graphic features over the weekend!

If you have any more suggestions or opinions, let me know in the comments below.

See you on Wednesday!


  1. Love the new ideas for this meme. I think not having categories will make it so much easier for us to have pictures to share. Thanks to you for hosting. I do enjoy it.

    1. Thank you Latane. I hope everyone will be happy with it.

  2. I liked the themes but I guess it kept people from participating. Congrats on moving to Wednesday.

  3. Happy to hear about the change. I am looking forward to participate every Wednesday.

  4. Sounds good. I like that you're keeping the familiar "My town shoot out" title theme and just widening it a bit.


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