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 This month our guest interview is with Elaine Dale. You can visit her at A Scattering.


When did the photo bug bite you?

I think I was about 8 years old. My Dad inherited a 35mm camera from my uncle and it was the first time I’d seen such a complex looking camera and such crisp photos. I was totally intrigued. I didn’t get to use it but it put the idea of having a camera of my own became a goal.

What was your first camera and what do you use now?

The Christmas I was 13 I got my first camera - a Kodak that used roll film and flash bulbs. Within a year or two I switched to a Kodak Instamatic that used 126 cartridges and flash cubes. I now have a collection of cameras that includes a couple of Instamatic models.

These days I use a Canon SX100 that I bought 3 years ago. I love the fact that I can pop it in my jacket pocket and take it anywhere. I leave the bigger, heavier equipment to my husband, Geoff, who used a Canon Rebel.

Have you ever taken any photography courses?

I took one evening class course in photography in the early 1980s so it was based on 35mm photography. I haven’t taken a digital course.

What inspires you to turn on the camera, the gotta have it shot?

More often than not, it’s the light, “ plain and simple“. I could have the most interesting subject in the world in front of me but if I’m not inspired by the light I might pass on the shot. Not always a good decision.

What is on your equipment wish list?

My camera has 10x optical zoom, I’d eventually like a compact camera with a higher optical zoom.

Can you recall the first photo you took that made you go WOW!?

Yes, and it is still my favourite photo. Circa 1978 I visited the Long Point Lighthouse in Twillingate, Newfoundland with a friend of mine and we climbed to the top where the light is located. I took a photo through the glass dome with the light mechanism in the corner and broken ice visible through the dome.


Blogging since …..  July 2010

Why did you start blogging?

One of my cousins let me know that she had started a blog. Her blog inspired me and the rest is history.

Is there a story behind the name of your blog?

I wanted to share a variety of my photos with my family and friends and thought that A Scattering summed it up nicely.

What does blogging mean to you now?

My blog has really become an outlet for me to share my photos with Followers, as well as my friends and family. Often other photographers will provide useful feedback and that’s something I really appreciate.

What advice would you give to a new blogger?

Take your time setting up your format/template, familiarize yourself with the process. Also, be sure to read and preview your posts a number of times before you hit Publish!

Do you have a favorite time of the day to write posts?

I tend to post in the early evening, just after dinner or sometimes during lunch hour at work.

Have you set any goal about your blog? Anything you want to achieve with it?

I hope my photos will inspire people to travel to the locations I’ve shot or to open their eyes to the beauty in their own surroundings.

From the start I hoped to reach 100 Followers and I hover just above that. But that’s a shallow goal.

What are your favorite places to visit on the web that aren’t blogs?

Facebook, Iceberg Radio, CBC Radio.

Guest Interview Questions

From NanU:
Do you ever comment on a blog to disagree with it? If not, why not?

No, I don’t comment to disagree on blogs. Maybe it’s a by-product of being Canadian, I’m too polite.

From Mark:

What is the most difficult struggle you have had with something you didn't like about yourself and how did you overcome it?

I used to find myself being volunteered for tasks, committees etc. that I had little or no interest in. Finally about 15 years ago I learned to say I’m flattered you’ve asked, thank you but no, I’m not the person for the job.

From Redlan:

Can you take a look outside and describe the view at this moment?

It’s a very cold 2 degrees Celsius, there’s a fair bit of cloud in the sky but it’s sunny as well. It’s 3:40 pm and it’s very quiet here on my residential downtown street.


If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

The Highlands in Scotland.

What would you like to teach others?


Which adjectives best describe you?

Outgoing but appreciative of quiet. Good-humoured.

What is happiness to you?

Knowing my family and friends are healthy and happy.

Do you have any special talents; such as singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument?

Zip, nada, zero. I wish I could sing.

What are your basic stats that you would like to share?

I’m 55 years old, married 27 years to Geoff a freelance writer. I’m an Administrative Assistant with an agency that provides behavioural and assessment services to individuals who have developmental disabilities  I’m the keeper of the statistics, I’m a numbers nerd.
What is your favourite thing about yourself?

My red hair, which now has natural highlights (white hair!)

Favourite saying or quotation: (or any comment you would like to make)

Oh, for the love of God! pops out of my mouth MANY time in the run of a day. I’m not being blasphemous, I’m asking for help!

Thank you Elaine for being our interview for December.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your interests and personal life Elaine.

  2. You remind me of my two Canadian Christmases, of 1975 and 76.

    That year, my first ever winter, was a record of minus 28 degrees.

  3. How absolutely wonderful to have this chance to "get to know" Elaine a little better. What a fabulous photographer she is - this was just a delight to read. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Wonderful interview, Elaine. It has been a joy following your progress over the past two years. Your photos are amazing; you capture nature so well.

    PS: I am the poster child for reading before publishing. How mny errors can you count?

  5. Great interview Elaine! I love the Twillingate picture.

  6. Elaine so glad to get to know you better. You started like I did with a Brownie at about age 13. Let it go for years then took it up when children began to arrive. Great interview. Christmas blessings to you and your family.

  7. Thanks everyone for your kind words. This is a fun thing that we do, isn't it?! I've been under the weather all week so this has been quite a lift for me. Christmas blessings to everyone.


  8. My gosh you are human after all. I think that of all the bloggers I have 'met' over the past couple of years you have most intimidated me... I think it is the profile photo you use.... thoughtful, intelligent, interspective. Thanks for allowing us the insites.

  9. It is a pleasure to visit your blog Elaine. Often you have just one photo but it is SO amazing and riveting that it needs nothing but itself to say everything that needs to be said.

  10. Lovely to know you better, Elaine. You've given me hope - maybe if I practise for another 30 odd years, I will get to be as good with the camera as you are!
    Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  11. Oh Ginger, trust me, there is nothing the least bit intimidating about me. My friends and family would fall on the floor laughing at the thought!

    I really enjoy FSO and still keep in touch with Patty from the Crisfield site. Patty was one of the founders of FSO and SHE inspires me. So we all have our mentors and role models.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  12. You remind me Elaine of my email friend Lesley who's picture is similar of yourself. She lives in England. I have known her for many years and still do.

    I enjoyed you questions. Going to answer a few here.

    Yes I loved my first camera and I borrowed my dads on a field trip.
    Then wanting had having different cameras was a must. I also have gone to smaller size to carry.

    yes I get the same thing and I have had to change very much.being the yes girl every time. Was always a yes person. Now I come first and family.

    Yes us Canadians do not say things about other peoples pictures. Even if it looks awful.

    My first camera take I was so happy with was my Macro flowers and a bee inside some flowers and my butterflys a Wow.

    Why do I blog. It is my nature to express and I love to read others .

    Happy New Year coming up.

    Health and Happiness continues for you.


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