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First of all, I'm stuck with that old song "Spotlight on James Brown, Y'all" running through my head and Bagman is dancing. 

But that doesn't stop Butler from picking his first Spotlight picture for this week:

From Kerry whose blog included her musical husband's hands

BAGMAN (stops dancing to complain): "I thought we were going to use the jazzy motion picture of them playing!"

BUTLER: "I liked the precision of this, the lines of the strings, the close focus, the composition. And speaking of composition...:

From J9 

Bagman runs over and posts his picks:

The talented Jessica from Ann Chin 

I'd love to hear the music coming from this group caught by Jama.

And I had a similar pick -- With "Spotlight on James Brown, Y'all" still running in my head, I'm dying to hear a different kind of music.

Like these masters from Ranu
Ranu was kind enough to link some audio with his pictures so I could listen.

And I can pretty much imagine what this cute duet sounds like!
From Pauline

It was a true symphony of different sounds and images this week.  Music for the eyes!

And one housekeeping reminder: The Mr. Linky site has been retired.  Links now appear right here on this Friday My Town Shootout site.  It makes it easier to post and easier to review.  

We'll see you next week when the theme will be "Arms and Legs." 

BAGMAN: "Whoo hoo!!!


  1. You are perfect for this. Love the commentary for sure.

  2. You, Bagman, and Butler are clearly good at this.


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