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Whew!  What an unexpected explosion of creative approaches to the HEARTS and PLACES CLOSE TO MY HEART theme.   With fifteen posts, all of them excellent, choosing 6 spotlights was simply impossible.  After awhile I began to think about either flipping a coin (but I would need a fifteen-sided coin which I don't have) or breaking my own rule of limiting it to 6 and posting something from everyone.  

I'm just glad I'm not one of the judges on American Idol.  

Hearts were everywhere!!!

A heart that bites from Ann Chin

A heart that gets bitten from Jama

A heart with heartfelt memories attached from Pauline

Heartfelt memories in the making from Ranu

Creatively created heart from Kim

Preceptively discovered heart from E.G. Wow 

And if you haven't checked out all the sites, this was a good week to do it!  It seems that every week I get surprised by the amount of talent that come together on Friday!

And next week the challenge is Mo>>>>>>>>>>>>tion.  Rebecca has a great discussion of it back in November:  Double Takes with Rebecca: Panning

BAGMAN:  "Whoooeeee!  Blurry can be good!!"

BUTLER: "But not always."


  1. great choices. I think my fav of the favorites is the window by E.G - and yes the hardest part if always picking the spotlights. Good JOB.

  2. Great choices, I like those accidental hearts!

  3. What a great eggy heart ! And all the rest, of course.


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