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I love this job.   Except for my self-imposed limit of 6 pictures per spotlight which makes it impossible to spotlight everyone, I get to see everyone's work every weekend.  Oh, I used to see most of it anyway, but accountability is a wonderful thing.

BAGMAN:  Shut up and post Suzi's statue!

Suzy's statue has all the elements

BAGMAN:  Yeah, yeah -- wood, metal, stone -- but just look at Kupe's wife!  She's got the most wonderful mmffsffff  (Butler's hand comes down hard on Bagman's mouth).

BUTLER (angrily):  I felt good that some of the readers wanted us back in the blog,  So don't you go and spoil it for us!

As usual, I try and ignore the dynamic duo and continue posting this week's spotlights.

Rebecca's all-elements-in-one bridge

Rebecca's shot could also qualify for "shadows" or "reflections" themes.  Butler likes the lines a lot.

Jama's Tracks

I was amazed at how many photographers captured all of the elements of Queenmother Mamow's challenge in one picture. 

E.G.Wow's snowcovered woodpile

There were a couple of snow-covered woodpiles.  I almost expected to see Butler taking Bagman out behind the woodpile.

BUTLER:  "I need to correct you, Mark.  The old phrase about discipline is "out behind the woodshed."

Kim's Rock Quarry

Kim had some nice snow-covered logs too but I picked the quarry one for variety.

And then there was one of my all-time favorites.

Ginger's Biggest Stone

Bagman (mouth dropping open): "Wow."
Butler (mouth dropping open - but only a little in a polite sort of way): "Wow."

Yep.  That is one big stone...or rock.  And a testiment to being at the right place at the right time. 

Anyhow, next week's theme is "Hearts."   Happy Valentine's Day to all of you!


  1. WOW! well Bagman and Butler just made my day.

  2. I was telling my ESL students about a heart of stone.

  3. Thanks for featuring my rock/stone quarry here. And yes that huge stone mountain is something else. The city looks like a toy watching from a distance ^_^


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