Landmarks of my Town [Friday My Town Shoot Out] [Link-Up]

A landmark is a recognizable natural or man-made feature used for navigation, a feature that stands out from its near environment and is often visible from long distances. In modern use, the term can also be applied to smaller structures or features, that have become local or national symbols.
What is your region known for? From cultural or historic landmarks to nature landmarks. Or, what makes your town so special and unique. Share with us!

Our next weekly theme is Surprise! - Share with us something you came across in your town that surprised yourself; or something that might surprise visitors!

UPDATE: I have added all new themes for the whole month of August to the sidebar, so you can check them out. If you have theme suggestions for September, please let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I really like your choice of shutter speed in photographing the moving waters!

  2. I think you live in a great place. yvonne

  3. Wow amazing photo. Hope I can continue linking and doing my posts on this my new computer. Don't have access to all my photos yet.I will keep browsing away.


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