Member Voice for Graffiti by GingerV Sept. 3rd

We are doing the member voice a week early so don't get confused. This is for September 3 chosen by GingerV. 


In her words:

A few weeks back we had Public Art as the Friday My Town topic.  There is formal public art: fountains, statues, freeway overpasses embossed with the state flag or the cities football team logo or ‘legal’ art as it is called.  How does graffiti or illegal art fit into the scheme of  things?  Is it different in every city, or in the country in which we live?  Or is there an international, across all borders, aspect to all this stuff that seems to cover all vertical spaces in our cities?  Has you town managed to miss this outcry – this need to express oneself in a most public way.  I would like to see what others have, sometimes hidden, in their towns.  I would like to know how your town tries to keep public spaces clean of ‘graffiti’ or do they encourage this ‘art’ form.  Ginger VanStaveren, Rio de Janeiro

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Happy Shooting!!


  1. Oh, I really am glad I've got the weekend to do this!

  2. I love this topic! Sometimes a pain in someone's behind, it can also be an incredible work of art!
    Hope I can find something on the road to post!


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