Double Takes with Rebecca: Leading Lines

A tip for improving the composition of your photos
is to think about the lines created within the image.
Lines in your photo have a way of leading the viewer's eye through the photo.
As you compose your photo, try to look for these lines
and use them to your advantage.

You can use lines to draw the viewer into a photo
which Mark did with the photo below.
Your eye just flows along the curvy road
and into your imagination.

Here Ann's photo guides your eye along to the walk
and to the city in the distance.

And where does Kerry's photo draw your eye?
Right to the top of that tree!

You can use lines to help the viewer's eye through the photo
and you can use them to guide the eye to the subject.

When you are taking a photo, you also want to watch for lines
that pull the eye away from the intended subject.
Try to reposition yourself to avoid doing  this.

Below I was hoping to use the
angle of the cemetery stones to pull your eye to the chapel.

Improving the composition of your photos
is the least expensive way to improve your photography!

Remember these other tips too:


  1. Thank you for the information, Rebecca, and for the links to other posts.
    Nice picture of the chapel, with the tombstones leading up to it.

  2. Oh that was wonderful hon...thank you!! I am always looking for new ways to frame shots!!

  3. Excellent advice and great photos to demonstrate. Thanks for sharing.


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